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Amerindian Hostel in Lethem Under Strain from Venezuelan Refugees

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The Amerindian Hostel in Lethem

Presently, the Amerindian Hostel in Lethem is providing shelter for 24 Venezuelan refugees who have fled Venezuela due to economic conditions.

However, the caretaker of the hostel, Ms. Elsie Thompson, has expressed worry at the situation. She said that there was an agreement with the REO, Mr. Carl Parker, to shelter the refugees for three-months after which they would make their way or be relocated. However, it has been about 8 months and most of the refugees remain unable to find a new place of abode. The hostel had started housing the Venezuelans since February of this year.

Ms. Thompson expressed that this is putting pressure on her, the caretaker, and added that the Venezuelans are acting uncooperatively and sometimes rude to her.

Some weeks ago, officials from the International Organization of Migration arrived in Lethem to address the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis in Lethem. They said that they are interested in building temporary shelters for the refugees, but that they are not getting the support and green lights needed to even start the project.

In neighboring Brazil, the Brazilian military has built thousands of shelters, called “Abrigos” which not just house tens-of-thousands of Venezuelan refugees, but also provides meals for them. In Brazil, like many other countries, Venezuelans are granted refugee status and can work in the country without a work permit.

Guyana, South America is calling on the Red Cross and other charitable organizations, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations, to set up a fund to assist Venezuelan refugees in Guyana. Remember that these people have become victims of a few corrupt politicians – over which they have little control. Remember too that the good you do comes back to you.

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Shahabeddin of Pezeshg-zad
Shahabeddin of Pezeshg-zad
1 year ago

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