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No Diwali Celebrations in Lethem

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While many parts of Guyana are lit with Diyas and fireworks, the border town of Lethem and its surroundings show no signs of Diwali activity.

Guyana, South America‘s Lethem team took a stroll around Lethem on the evening of Diwali and there was not a single diya lit. But it was not just that. There was no “sweat meat,” “parsad,” and other Diwali food being shared around either. And definitely no motorcade! On the other hand, Christian churches were in full session and so were bars and nightclubs.

There was no Diwali food being shared around in Lethem!

This is because Lethem, like most of the Rupununi, is a predominantly Christian community. The Rupununi Savannahs is comprised of about 90% Christians, 5% Muslims, 2% Hindus and 3% non-religious/other.

You read that right! Just 2 percent Hindus. There are no Hindu temples of worship in Lethem or anywhere in the Rupununi Savannahs. There is just one Masjid (Muslim place of worship) and lots and lots of Christian churches.

So now you understand why there was no Diwali celebration in Lethem. Nevertheless, we wish a happy Diwali from Lethem.

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