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Happening Now: Official Opening of Barrack Retreat Road, Lethem with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

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Today, 22nd of November, 2019 is a historic day for the residents of Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America. After months of work on the roadways of Lethem, the people of Lethem are getting ready to commemorate this grand achievement: new roads in Lethem. In fact, the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo, is in Lethem to perform the official opening of the main commercial highway: Barrack Retreat.

For about 1 year, the Lethem roads were so bad that the residents were plagued with a sea of dust in the dry season and mud and slush during the rainy season. However, earlier this year, contracts were given out and heavy road works commenced along the roadways of Lethem and its surroundings.

Today is the day of celebration after many months of hard work and anticipation: the official opening of Barrack Retreat Road, Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America.

Barrack Retreat, the main commercial highway which is located in what we can call the “center of town” stretches from the roundabout at the entry point of Lethem (just as you enter Lethem from the Lethem – Linden Trail) to the Lethem Power Company at the other end – where the other roundabout is located.

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