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Logos Hope – The Floating Evangelical Book Fair – Docks in Guyana Today

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The Logos Hope, a Germany-based evangelical missionary ship, is also called the world’s largest floating book fair. But to call the Logos Hope a “book ship” reduces the ship’s purpose to a bare minimum.

The Logos Hope is on a worldwide mission to offer help, hope and knowledge. Floating along with it is some 400 volunteers including families with kids.

Since its purchase in 2004, the Logos Hope has already docked in at least 193 ports around the world. And now, it’s Guyana’s turn! For the second time! The Logos Hope had made a celebrated trip to Guyana in 2017, and now it’s coming back. The ship is scheduled to dock at Penitance Wharf, Georgetown, Guyana, South America today, December 2, 2019 and stay there until December 8th 2019.

In addition to Christian literature, the ship also stocks books on science, history, biographies, adventure, anthologies, poetry, encyclopedias, children’s classics and much more.

This ship has traveled half-way around the world to meet you! Go out there and meet it. Hop aboard. Buy a few books if you can, and have a good read!

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