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A Look Aboard the Logos Hope

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Our correspondent in Georgetown, Jenny Alfonso, reports.

First published: 14th of December 2019.

Last updated: December 15, 2019 at 16:42 pm
After spending some time in Guyana, the largest floating book fair has taken sail once again. Arriving on the 2nd day of December, the book fair, in Guyana, had a great turnout. Offering a wide variety of books, there were mostly bibles, fiction novels and kids’ editions. Also on sale, there were biographies, teenage novels and story books basically for all ages and interests.
Shoppers were excited to get such great a deal and low costs. Books are a great idea for a Christmas present and thus, members of families were enlightened to start the early holiday shopping and gift wrapping and the Logos Hope offered a variety to choose from.
Apart from the materials the Logos Hope offered, their services were of top quality. The staff on the ship were friendly yet very professional. The ship was introduced at first with illustrations of the tour. Although having the bulk of people, the staff maintained their kindness while keeping the lines in order.
The Logos Hope shared a wondrous experience with Guyanese. They were very informative in relations to bible studies and gospel singing. A beautiful and majestic line of paintings were also portrayed at the end of the tour.
This ship of excitement and wonders is a great contribution to the world. According to what was told from member of crew, The Logos Hope sums donation from around the world and give to the needy. Their main focus is to distribute bibles to those who are incapable of purchasing one on their own. Their share of God’s word was done miraculously as they go about still winning hearts of the people.
As the ship was planning to set sail on December 8th, they were delayed until the 12th of December, 2019 due to the massive turn out of Guyanese. Their sail continues around the Caribbean for another stop of excitement. The Logos Hope will be happy to meet us again in approximately the next three years and plans on having another great time in Guyana.
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seems like this would be interesting. When the next event will held ?