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Opposition Political Party Moves to Block Oil Sales Contracts

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As moves are being made under the current government to secure contracts for the sale of Guyana‘s impending oil, the members of the main opposition party are contending that this is illegal since the government is in caretaker status.

Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, in a recent Facebook post, warned government officials that any contracts for sale of oil at this juncture is illegal, and will be reversed or scrutinized if the PPC/C goes back into power after the March 2020 elections.

In December of 2018, the APNU/AFC coalition government fell as a result of a no-confidence motion successfully carried against them. According to the constitution, they were supposed to resign and call elections within three months. Instead, they engaged a long and drawn-out legal process which went all the way up the Caribbean Court of Justice in an effort to try to prove that 34 is not a majority of 65. After losing the case at the Caribbean Court of Justice, the government still maintained its office on the grounds that GECOM needs to be prepared. After much debate the government a few months ago set the date of elections for March 2020.

Today, 16th of December, it was announced that the PPC/C, through Attorney Sanjeev Datadin, will file court action to stop the government from handing over any contract for the sale of Guyana‘s oil.

“Legal proceedings are being contemplated to set it aside; that is, to set aside any contract [from being made]. We can’t stop anybody from meeting but they can’t conclude arrangements if they have no authority.” – Attorney Sanjeev Datatin.

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