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Elderly Man Dies After Being Beaten by Businessman

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A 72- years old man has become the latest victim of violent crimes in Guyana, South America after he was beaten to death by a businessman over stolen money.

The victim, Mr. Ramsahoye Deochand, was innocent in the matter. He died as a result of his injuries this morning (January 21) at around 12:30 AM at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

According to reports, Mr. Deochand’s son had alledgedly stolen a quantity of cash and jewelry from his employer. The son was apprehended by the businessman and dealt a sound beating, but he somehow managed to escape and went into hiding.

The businessman, who is the proprietor of “Deals on Electronics” located at Strathspey, East Coast Demerara, Guyana, South America, along with his cohorts, went to the home of the man’s father, Mr. Deochand, and started ransacking his home in search of his items. In the process, they picked up a mop stick and dealt the elderly, disabled man several blows about his head and body.

The victim’s daughter-in-law, posted on her Facebook Page:

An employee allegedly stole from them and instead of punishing or letting the law take care of the perpetrator alone, they acted as thugs and destroyed the home of the perpetrator’s father while beating the elderly and disabled man (in the head with an amplifier and his body with a mop stick)who just had a stroke, to the brink of death! A man that probably had no idea why he was being attacked. This is an act of pure evil and terror and should NOT go unnoticed.

Mr. Deochand’s youngest son, Navin, was one of the perpetrators in the attack. He accompanied the gang to his father’s home and played a major role in the crime. He is presently the only one of the gang in the police lockups.

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1 year ago

Omg heartless people