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United We Stand: A Commentary by Mr. Wendell Jeffrey

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First Published: 22nd of January, 2020.

Last updated: January 22, 2020 at 16:12 pm

Mr. Wendell Jeffrey, a prominent resident of Georgetown, Guyana, South America, is an advocate for unity, prosperity and peace in Guyana. He is also the founder of Practical Christian Ministries.

Although the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Guyana, South America team, we’ve copied (with permission) the following post from Mr. Wendell Jeffrey’s Facebook Page because we think it merits a wider audience.

United We Stand

I am of the firm opinion that Mr. Jagdeo and Dr. Ali and Mr. Mark Phillips, need to meet with President Granger and Mr. Ramjattan to immediately discuss ways of healing Guyana and to also discusss a long term strategy of managing our wealth and safeguarding our resources.

The stakes are too high for our politicians to keep playing politics. We are talking of our children’s future here! Any weakness and divisions the international investors see will be exploited to our detriment. We have sufficient proof of that!

Also, if one of the major parties wins it may spell suspension and fear for the supporters of the other one. We have sufficient proof of that, too!

What will further complicate the problems is any notion that the investors are bribing or paying off our politicians. We have proof of that possibility!

Guyana has not yet seen any problems, compared to what will be unleashed on us, if any segment of the population thinks that they are being sold out. The result may be kidnappings for ransom, increased and heinous crimes, a further breakdown in morals, and/or a state under siege. No matter who wins!

What we need is a comprehensive plan for Guyana’s long-term development. A clear And united vision of where the country needs to be in 30-50 years. And I am suggesting that it would be best if ALL the stakeholders work on that plan, collectively. There is enough of the pie to go around.

I say, let the poloticians meet, in the interest of Guyana.

What do you say?

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