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Carter Center, European Union Officials Observe Advanced Voting Exercise in Region 9

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Today, 21st of February, 2020, members of the disciplined services (Police and Soldiers) throughout Guyana, played their part in determining Guyana‘s future president and political leadership.

In Region 9, a ballot box, accompanied by GECOM officials and party agents for three political parties, was transported to all police stations via aircraft for advanced voting. The aircraft left Correia International Airport at around 8:45 AM and landed in Annai, North Rupununi around 10:15 AM to facilitate voting by the few ranks at the Annai Police Station.

After voting by the less than 10 registered ranks at that station, the ballot box was flown to Karasabai Police Station, then Aishalton. At around 2:35 PM, the aircraft landed in Lethem and the ballot box, along with GECOM officials and party agents, was transported to the Lethem Police Station to complete the advanced voting exercise for Region 9.

Registered voters stationed at Base Camp Kanuku in Lethem made their way to the Lethem Police Station to exercise their constitutional right of voting at around 2:45 PM.

In total, 69 members of the displined services (20 soldiers and 49 police) cast their votes at the Lethem Police Station today, February 21st, 2020.

Officials from the Carter Center and also the European Union were present as international observers in Lethem. The officials followed the ballot box as it touched down at Lethem Airstrip and was transported by car to the Police Station. They were present during the entire voting exercise which started at around 2:45 PM and was concluded at 4:50 PM.

At around 5:00 PM, the ballot box was transported to the Lethem Airport where an aircraft was waiting to transport it, along with GECOM officials and party agents, back to Georgetown.

At around 5 PM, February 21, 2020, the ballot box was transported back to the airport en route to Georgetown.

Party Agents from the APNU/AFC, PPP/C and URP parties were present with the GECOM officials during the advanced voting exercise throughout Region 9 today.

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