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Organization of American States Says that Guyana’s Democracy Has Suffered a “Terrible Blow.”

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While APNU/AFC politicians and supporters are hurriedly claiming victory, the Organization of American States Observer Mission in Guyana has released an official statement on March 13 which says that Guyana‘s democracy has suffered a “terrible blow.”

The legitimacy of any government that is installed in these circumstances will be open to question. This would be a terrible blow to the country’s democracy. The people of Guyana do not deserve this.

That means that the Organization of American States would not recognize the Granger Administration as a legitimate government if the APNU/AFC presidential candidate is sworn in. And this spells serious trouble for Guyana.

What is the Organization of American States?

The Organization of American States is super-powerful military alliance consisting of 35 countries including the United States and Canada. An attack on one country is considered an attack on all, and demands military assistance. Guyana, being a member state of the OAS would be eligible for protection under the treaty, but only a legitimate government would be supported.

In the event of a dictatorship, the OAS would support the opposition. That means that if armed conflict arises between an illegitimate government and an opposition, the OAS would most likely back the opposition – especially if it recognizes the opposition as the democratically elected government displaced by a rigged election – which is clearly the case with Guyana.

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