Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    If you are a Guyanese, have investments in Guyana or are interested in Guyana’s affairs, you might be interested in knowing who is Michael Kozak. Here’s why.

    Michael Kozak has been appointed by the Trump Administration as “Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs.” That means he will be keeping a close eye on Guyana and other South American countries in matters that require US attention.

    Michael Kozak would be part of the team which recommends sanctions against or military intervention in Guyana if it ever comes to that.

    Here are some recent tweets made by Michael Kozak with regards to Guyana.

    We join the Guyanese people and the international community in calling for Guyanese election authorities to follow accepted procedures and allow international election observers to verify the results. – March 12 – Twitter

    It is essential that the High Court-mandated elections tabulation in #Guyana be concluded in a free, fair, and transparent manner. – March 12 – Twitter

    Under U.S. law and practice those who participate and benefit from electoral fraud, undermine democratic institutions and impede a peaceful transition of power can be subject to a variety of consequences. #Guyana – March 12 – Twitter

    De facto regimes do not receive the same treatment from us as democratically elected governments. #Guyana – March 12 – Twitter

    In #Guyana, no transparent recount of votes. The @OAS_official mission has withdrawn. Democratic nations can’t ignore this blatant disregard for rule of law. The world is watching. There is still time. Respect the will of the Guyanese people to choose their leader. – March 13 – Twitter

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