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APNU/AFC Accuses Observers of Siding with PPP/C

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The say all the world’s a stage, but Guyana is looking more like a circus show. In most recent development the incumbent APNU/AFC coalition party has accused the International Observers, particularly the Organization of American States, of taking sides with the PPP/C.

This comes after the OAS observers walked out of GECOM and left Guyana because of frustrations with GECOM’s handling of the Region 4 votes tabulation. The Organization of American States subsequently, on March 13, 2020, made an official statement, saying that:

“The process being conducted by the Returning Officer for Region 4 to ascertain the results of the national and regional elections held on March 2 does not meet the required standard of fairness and transparency.”

The statement by the Organization of American States further reads that,

“The legitimacy of any government that is installed in these circumstances will be open to question. This would be a terrible blow to the country’s democracy. The people of Guyana do not deserve this.

Given the circumstances cited above, the OAS Electoral Observation Mission regrets that it has no option but to withdraw from Guyana. The Chief of Mission will prepare his report for submission to the Secretary General.”

The APNU/AFC coalition responded by saying that they are “alarmed” by the statement.

“The APNU+AFC is alarmed by what purports to be a wholly partisan statement which fails to take into account the provisions and procedures set out in the laws of Guyana and the ruling of the Chief Justice as to the methodology to be employed for the tabulation of votes,” the coalition said in its statement.

“Recent statements and action by the OAS Observer mission now leave many to question whether or not the PPP managed to compromise him and his colleagues,” – APNU/AFC Coalition statement.

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