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Norway Blocks 34 Million US Dollars Climate Aid to Guyana

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First Published: 18th March 2020 by GSA Staff Writer.

While many Guyanese have been boasting about their “first oil” and the billions of dollars that was supposed to flow from it, the resource curse has already hit Guyana at several levels. First, post elections riots that left one dead and several injured, a dictator government clinging to power by all means possible, and now this.

It was reported by a reputable Norwegian website on the 13th of March 2020 that Norway has blocked NOK 393 million in climate aid that was due for Guyana. That is equal to over 34 million United States Dollars. This decision was made because of the “volatile political situation in Guyana.”

The subscription based online journal, Development Today, stated that, “No further decisions will be made on … planning or spending of this money until a legitimate government is in place.”

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The aftermath of the March 2, 2020 elections has been marred by riots and bloodshed and a rigged tabulation process for Region 4 (according to a Commonwealth Statement).

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Several international powers, including the Commonwealth, the Organization of American States and the United States have warned the Guyana government of the consequences of electoral fraud. It has already begun.

Read Original Story: Norway puts brakes on climate aid to Guyana amid post-election chaos.

About the Author (of the original article on Development Today)

Ann Danaiya Usher has a background in environmental journalism in Southeast Asia, working at The Nation newspaper in Bangkok from 1987. Ann was one of the first journalists to write about AIDS in Thailand. During her years with The Nation, she covered land and forest conflicts, pioneering the paper’s environmental coverage and tracking the “donor-recipient” dynamic in numerous aid projects. Learn more…

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1 year ago

The government of Guyana is acting according to the laws of Guyana, not the laws according to the ABCE countries, the Gecom is an independent body the law is clearly stated. One died because he chopped our police men injuring other get your information correct before you publishing miss guided news.. The president and the opposition leader agrees to a recount but the law states unless the government was not acting according to law then an injunction can be filed.. The law is clear and both politicians are going against the law for a recount when gecom said no to… Read more »