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International Observers Have Been Harassed by APNU/AFC Supporters – Carter Center

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Photo by hectorir

The Carter Center has withdrawn from Guyana today March 20, 2020, adding to a long list of damning statements issued against the APNU/AFC Coalition Party.

“International observers have been harassed, and protestors supportive of the APNU+AFC coalition have at times blocked international observers from doing their work. Specific threats have also been made against the international community that are unacceptable and further undermine the credibility of the electoral process.” – Carter Center. Read Full Statement.

The Carter Center, which was founded by former US President Jimmy Carter, has been in Guyana since January as a nonpartisan international observer. It was invited by the Guyana government.

The team announced its withdrawal from Guyana today, 20th of March, citing a variety of factors including restrictions of international travel, the coronavirus outbreak and deteriorating security in Guyana.

Over the last few days, GECOM has been playing a cat and mouse game with the ballot boxes for Region 4 as citizens and party agents camped out in the cold of the night to protect the boxes from being tampered with.

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