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Citizens Brave Midnight Rain to Guard Ballot Boxes

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The fight to preserve democracy post Elections 2020 in Guyana has not been an easy task, and who knows what the outcome will be? What is sure though is principled and strong Guyanese who have shown extreme dedication in the fight to protect Guyana‘s democracy and avoid international sanctions which will only result in overall suffering for the Guyanese people.

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Over the past few weeks, GECOM and the APNU/AFC have been playing a dangerous cat and mouse game with the ballot boxes. Sealed up in huge containers is the voice of the Guyanese people spoken on March 2, 2020. But will their voices ever be heard?

Mr. Lennox Schuman, Presidential Candidate of LJP.

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The ballot boxes have been moved by trucks to the Arthur Chung Convention Center a few days ago following an agreement that there would be a recount of Region 4 votes under the supervision of CARICOM. A High Level CARICOM team was flown into the country in anticipation of this. However, this recount was frustrated after an injunction to block the recount had been granted by Guyana‘s High Court.

The CARICOM Team which arrived in Guyana on March 15 to supervise the proposed recount of Region 4 Ballots was forced to leave after an injunction was granted to block the recount.

Since then, Party Agents, including candidates of the LJP, PPP/C and ANUG and others, along with ordinary citizens, have pitched camp within proximity of the boxes in order to prevent them from being tampered with. The citizens, giving cooperative support to each other through searing heat and midnight rain, have made it their duty to guard the ballot boxes, or in other words, to protect democracy.

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