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UK Government Warns Guyana that Undemocratic Government Will Result in Serious Consequences

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, through Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, has last Tuesday, 24th of March, 2020, joined the international community in issuing a stern warning to the Guyana government to desist from swearing in a president on the basis of a non-credible electoral results.

Any government sworn in on the basis of non-credible results will face strong international condemnation. If the situation continues to deteriorate, this international response will include a range of serious consequences for those concerned. – Dominic Raab thru UK Government Website:

The foreign secretary further stated that the United Kingdom remains ready to ensure that a credible electoral process is followed which will bring about a democratic transition of government “which the people deserve.”

He said that a transition of Government should only take place inline with a transparent and credible electoral processes governed by democratic principles.

The statement was quickly echoed on twitter by Michael Kozak, Acting Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs.

The calls for a free, fair, credible election in Guyana grow louder. The United States stands with @foreignoffice in warning of serious consequences for any individuals who seek to benefit from electoral fraud and form illegitimate governments. – Michael Kozak – 24th of March 2020.

Several international observer groups, including the Commonwealth, the United States Embassy, the Carter Center and the European Union have issued statements that the tabulation of Region 4 votes was nontransparent and incomplete and that the subsequent declaration of results was unlawful.

Meanwhile, in Guyana, patriotic citizens, including various party agents, have been keeping watch on the Region 4 ballot boxes day and night – fearing that they might be tampered with.

Read Story: Citizens Brave Midnight Rain to Guard Ballot Boxes.

Read the full statement from Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on the UK Government Website here.

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