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Marcus Bisram Promises to Sue State as He Walks Free

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First Published: 30th March, 2020

Last updated: March 30, 2020 at 20:08 pm

The once glorious now infamous former Guyanese philanthropist, Marcus Bisram, has today, March 30, 2020, been freed of charges leveled against him for the murder of Faiyaz Nariendatt on the grounds of a no-case submission.

It was reported that, during one of his visits to Guyana, Mr. Bisram made sexual advances to Faiyaz Nariendatt and, after his advances were spurned, he became angry. In retaliation, he ordered his accomplices to murder the then 27 years old carpenter, Faiyaz Nariendatt.

Mr. Bisram subsequently departed for the USA after which the charges were leveled against him and he was required to return to Guyana to face the charges. After unsuccessfully fighting his extradition from the United States, Mr. Bisram was extradited to Guyana to be tried for the murder of Faiyaz Nariendatt. On the 21st of November, 2019, the charges were read to him at the Whim Magistrate Court and he was further remanded to Camp Street Prison.

Many people speculated that, because he is a wealthy person, Mr. Bisram would bribe his way through the legal system of Guyana. But whether it was bribery, innocence or a failed judicial system is now only a matter for speculation.

Magistrate Renita Singh today, 30th of March, 2020, upheld a no-case submission in the case of Marcus Bisram versus State prosecutors. After his acquittal, Mr. Bisram said that he would sue the state.

As he exited court, Mr. Bisram made the following comments:

As we have said from inception, anytime, anywhere, any magistrate, we have nothing to hide, because this wasn’t a case of merit, this wasn’t a case of law. This was a case with political direction and religious prosecution from the DPP because the deceased is Muslim. This case is entirely fabricated by the state and the DPP.

I will not make any further comment because I plan to sue the State, and I plan to bring private criminal actions. The caretaker government feels threatened by my accomplishments and my capability. But they cannot break me. Marcus Brian Bisram Foundation will continue its selfless service and will continue its commitment to it’s annual 200 million dollars every year in the form of humanitarian service to this country.

That’s all I will say at this moment. As I said, and I indicated, there will be private criminal proceedings to follow, and the State will be sued. There must be consequences for this illegal action that’s taking place in the 21st century in this country. Shame! Shame!

Marcus Bisram was represented by Attorney at Law, Sanjeev Datadin, who said:

We’ve been saying for a few years that this is indeed…there was no evidence. We’ve been trying to simply get a hearing all along…. So, we’ve said all along there is no evidence.

Update: Marcus Bisram was rearrested hours after being released. More details to follow.

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