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38 Years Old Health Care Worker is Guyana’s Second Coronavirus Victim

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Team Guyana, South America extends sincere sympathies to the relatives and friends of Jermaine Ifill who died on the 31st of March 2020 after contracting the coronavirus.

Mr. Ifill, the Executive Director attached to Reliance Health Care allegedly contracted the coronavirus while on duty. He was one of the 2 persons who were recently admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The young man was the father of a one year old child and his wife is expecting his second child. He was a former Emergency Medical Technician at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

According to reports from the Ministry of Public Health, there are a total of 12 confirmed coronavirus cases in Guyana. However, dozens more suspected cases are being investigated.

The first person to have reportedly died from the coronavirus in Guyana was 52 years old Ratna Baboolall. Ms. Baboolall had returned to Guyana from New York where there was a severe outbreak of the virus.

Team Guyana, South America urges all Guyanese to join the fight against the deadly coronavirus by staying in your homes as much as possible, washing or sanitizing hands every 20 minutes, practicing social distancing and taking adequate doses of Vitamin C.

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