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Canada Warns its Citizens of High Crime Rate in Guyana

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Although there is a general restriction on travel, both officially and unofficially, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the most recent travel advisory for Canadian citizens coming to Guyana has been less than flattering.

On Canada’s official travel advisory website administered by the Canadian government, the government of Canada has advised all Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel due to the coronavirus.

However, the website paints a dismal picture of the general perception of Guyana by the international community. The website warns of street robbers who attack mostly foreigners and returning Guyanese at gun or knife point, especially after leaving the bank.

Canadians are warned to exercise increased caution in Georgetown especially in the area 2 KM south of Brickdam Street, Agricola, Albouystown, Albertown, Bourda, Buxton, East Ruimvelt, Sophia, Stabroek, Tiger Bay and West Ruimvelt.

Further, it was noted that criminals often target tourist sites such as the Stabroek Market, Bourda Market, Botanical Gardens, the National Park and the Kitty Seawalls.

Canadians were further warned that violent crimes often happen in the villages of Buxton, Friendship, the East Bank Demerara Region and New Amsterdam.

The website further warns of the volatile political situation that arose subsequent to the March 2, 2020 elections. Canadians were advised to avoid protests or gatherings which could “turn violent at anytime.”

In addition, Canadians are advised not to walk alone or after dark, keep car doors locked, avoid under-populated areas and to pay attention to their surroundings.

The advisory further described minibuses as often overloaded, poorly maintained and badly driven, and advised Canadians not to use them.

Source: Canadian Government’s Travel Advisory for Guyana.

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