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This is a Military Coup D’etat – Anthony Viera

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We have to find a way to stop this charade. This is no longer a situation which simply seeks to delay the publishing of a credible result of the 2020 elections in Guyana which will be acceptable to the international community, this has gone much further.

The Wikipedia on line dictionary tells me that a Coup D’Etat is defined as follows “Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator.[1] A Coup D’Etat is considered successful when the usurpers seize and hold power for at least seven days”. Well it has been 37 days. And I am saying that all of these shenanigans are part of a Coup D’Etat because our democratic system has failed to identify the legitimate winner in the 2020 elections after 37 days, and has deprived me and the majority of the people in this country who, like me, voted for a political party which has been deprived of assuming power!

For accusation of a Coupe to be valid one must establish that the people who have seized power are in fact benefiting from it. I don’t think that there is any question of that now. Since people whose period of function expired on 2nd of March, i.e. Ministers etc., are continuing in those positions, up to and Including today the 9th April 2020, one month and 7 days, with full pay and until provided with definitive evidence of anything to the contrary, this is the situation which I see existing. I think that the international Community will have no option now but to declare that they see that a Coup has been carried out in Guyana by Granger and the other military men he has surrounded himself with since 2015.

And anyone who now believes that 156 days will be required to count the 400,000+ votes of the 2020 elections would be very naive and would have had to be blindfolded since 2018, during which time this same thug Lowenfield after violating the constitution of Guyana by not holding an election within 90 days of the passage of the NCM, finally told this country that he needed 181 days to hold the general election, when in fact it was delayed, due to every conceivable delay possible, for 438 days.

If anyone in this country still believe that we need 156 days to recount 400,000 votes and that even this ridiculous time frame will be honored, is sadly living in fantasy land, these desperate people will find a way to delay much longer and how can they do it? Well they seem to have the armed Guyana Defence force under control, so not only is this a Coup D’Etat it is a military coup D’etat, with no end in sight.

Ladies and gentlemen the price of treachery and betrayal has improved quite a bit, from 30 pieces of silver to 216 acres of land in Millie’s Hideout in Region 10, and 2 acres of prime real estate at Mocha on the EBD. Which is what evidence we have of the reasons which could explain Lowenfield’s betrayal of trust and violation of the Guyana constitution. The worst act of treason, [i.e. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government] this country has ever seen, by depriving the rightful winner of the legitimate election result he is entitled to, and in fact put Mingo to post an totally fictitious result, by doing so Lowenfield and Mingo have in fact overthrown the winner. And for what?

It now appears that this former army man has been handsomely rewarded to hijack the 2020 elections on behalf of the APNU/AFC who under the guise of seeing jumbies where there were none, have made every possible attempt as amateurish and as ridiculous as they have been so far, to deprive Guyana of Democracy.

We must now call on the international community to take action, Mr. Rowley is right “this can only end badly” Mia Mottley is also right “it is clear there are forces that do not want to see the votes recounted” Now all pretense has been removed and we can see clearly who it is that is behind this Coup.

Source: Anthony Viera

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