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Young Woman Harassed and Filmed Without Consent by Guyanese Man

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A few days ago, around the 4th of April, 2020, I saw a disturbing video circulating on Facebook. In the video, a man by the name of Mondale Smith was accusing a woman of being a scammer and of selling fake sanitizing products. The products included bleach, hand sanitizer and Lysol.

The man lured the woman to a spot in Georgetown, Guyana, South America by calling her and telling her that the products which he had bought from her were of inferior quality and that he wanted a refund. The woman, who goes by the Facebook name, Anita Sarah, agreed to give a refund and drove to the spot. She arrived in a Sheriff Security Vehicle.

Upon the woman’s arrival, Mr. Mondale Smith took out his phone and started videoing while interrogating the woman. He asked questions such as:

Are you a medical doctor?

Where do you practice?

Where did you purchase these products?

Did you import them?

On camera, the man started to hurl accusations against the woman such as that she was selling fake products, lying about her country of origin and putting the lives of people at risk.

All the while, the woman kept pleading with the man to turn off the camera and explaining that she is not aware that the products are fake since she had bought them from a Trinidadian company.

When I saw the video, the first question that crossed my mind is, “how did Mondale Smith determine that the products are fake?” Cleaning products are chemically composed, and it is not possible to determine that they are fake without a lab analysis. Smelling, tasting and touching would not be enough.

I decided to dig further and saw a video of Mondale Smith and another man whom he said was a medical doctor. In the video, the supposed medical doctor poured some of the products in his hand, smelled it and declared it as “fake.” That video has been subsequently deleted.

The second question that crossed my mind is: if the woman is a fraudster or a scammer, why would she go out of her way and drive to a spot to offer a refund? Scammers don’t offer refunds. And thirdly, why would the young woman be interested in spreading coronavirus in Guyana? And further, if someone is trying to spread coronavirus, selling “fake” products is a very ineffective way of doing it.

Mr. Mondale Smith hurled ridiculous accusations such as that the woman is on mission to kill Guyanese by spreading coronavirus and even went on to say that if anyone catches coronavirus, it’s the woman’s fault.

It is illegal to film people without their permission except in cases where it is a public setting and filming them would not invade their privacy or cause harm. In this case, you use your judgement. However, when someone specifically asks you to stop filming and you continue, then further go and upload the said video to social media without the permission of the person being videoed, you have crossed all boundaries.

The victim has since taken to social media to explain herself. Click here to see the Facebook Post of Anita Sarah.

Further, Anita has made the following post this morning:

Good morning, I would like to thank everyone for your unconditional support and for choosing to understand me in a time when I needed it the most . Yes, I was discriminated, framed, cyber bullied and attacked as a young woman given my background for personal gain of a proud bully. I was only trying to do my part for the less fortunate of this united nation, the events that transpired will not stop me from doing good as God has given me a purpose this life and the strength to endure any difficulties or hate. I’m hoping that all of us can come together and unite regardless of your political or religious views as we all bleed the same. Remember Jesus died for our sins and we are all his children and he loves us equally, please forgive Mr.Mondale and my bullies on my behalf . Be different, and do good even if you have to do it alone. Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend 💘

Source: Anita Sarah on Facebook.

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Hugh Franklin
Hugh Franklin
1 year ago

Firstly in my opinion you’re a fraud and a very deceitful person taking into consideration your act at the time when it was done. Whe questioned your answers were very misleading and inconsistent thus leading to mistrust, those who are condoning you are Probally of the said mentality therefore I agree that you shoUlf be held accountable for your actions and face whatsoever consequences are met out to you.