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Young Doctor Explains Why She Chose Guyana

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Sarah, the budding medical professional who has recently been a victim of harassment and cyber-bullying in a widely circulated Facebook video, has alleged that she has also been blackmailed, threatened and extorted. The young woman has reached out to this publication to explain her side of the story, specifically: why she chose Guyana.

When Sarah completed her Science studies at Cambridge International in Dubai, she went on to pursue her dream, Social Works, at only 18 years of age, and she chose medicine to support her passion. At that time, she had the world of options – literally. Sarah could have pursued her studies in medicine in any part of the world, but she chose the Texila American University in Guyana because of her philanthropic nature. She felt that she could have made a difference in Guyana.

A Photo of Sarah taken in her homeland of Dubai

A Warm Welcome

Sarah described her warm welcome by the people of Guyana – which made her want to stay. She said that the Guyanese people showed her a warm and friendly side. The young woman described the Guyanese people as “warm, welcoming, friendly and helpful,” and said that she has had positive experiences with all races and classes of people in Guyana.

Social Worker

Sarah has been actively involved in charitable donations to homes around Guyana. A number of old age homes such as Palms Retirement Home and orphanages, such as Shaeed’s Girl’s Orphanage, have testified of her goodness. Sarah explained that her PPE products, such as facemasks, were sourced to help Guyana fight the pandemic. All the profits from the sales of these products went to charity. The investment in purchasing the products to resell came from her personal account and her family trust fund.

Encounter with Mondale Smith

The young doctor related that, one day, during a meeting with the Ministry of Education, she was introduced to Mondale Smith. At first, he seemed like a nice and friendly person, and, seeing a bottle of Clorox bleach in her possession, Mondale asked if he could purchase it.

However, Sarah explained that she had purchased that bottle of bleach to donate to Palms Retirement Home which was located close to the Ministry of Education, but Mondale kept insisting that he needed the bleach.

According to Sarah, Mondale said that his sisters are fighting COVID and that he needed the bleach to clean his kitchen. Sarah then told Mondale to pay whatever price he could afford since that money would go to charity. Mondale allegedly paid 1000 Guyana dollars to Sarah and took the bottle of bleach.

About three weeks later, Mondale came on Facebook Live to “expose” Sarah for selling “fake products.” According the young woman, Mondale used threats and blackmail to extort over 2000 US dollars from her – money which she alleges was handed over in the presence of witnesses.

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1 year ago

Young lady i dont think you want to go down the road with such a frivolous story, especially the part where a witness saw you hand over monies to Mondale Smith, you would have to produce that witness, because that incident was live in full view of a lot of people to see, you twist your story around and your lies were evident. Anyhow I’ll be watching on.