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Sarah Describes Harrowing Story of Blackmail, Threats and Extortion

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A Photo of Sarah taken in her homeland of Dubai

When Sarah first met Mondale Smith, he seemed like the average Guyanese: nice, warm and friendly. At that time, Sarah was at the Ministry of Education building in Georgetown, Guyana, South America for a meeting to discuss helping students and other less fortunate. Sarah was introduced to Mondale by the porter whom she had hired, and they soon struck up a conversation on the grounds of charitable works.

During the first encounter with Mondale, Sarah noticed something unusual: Mondale was paying excessive attention to Sarah’s motor vehicle: a BWM. He was asking in depth questions about the car. In addition, Sarah noticed that he was videoing her. Further, Sarah related that Mondale commented, “you’re from Dubai. You come from money.”

Seeing a bottle of bleach in the car, Mondale insisted that he needed it. Sarah explained that she had bought the bleach for Palms Retirement Home located not too far away from the Ministry. But Mondale insisted that he needed the bleach to clean his kitchen and said that his sisters were fighting COVID-19. At that point, Sarah told him to pay whatever he could for the bleach and that the proceeds would go to charity. He paid 1000 Guyana dollars.

About three weeks later, Sarah saw a horrifying “live” video on Facebook with Mondale Smith mocking Sarah and accusing her of selling fake products. In the video, Mondale was, with a sinister look on his face, threatening to publish her photos, identity and address.

Sarah, traumatized, blocked him. But when a friend showed Sarah another video that Mondale made in relation to her, she felt her life and that of her little brother might be in imminent danger. She scrambled to get Mondale’s number from a mutual contact and called him to “reason” with him.

Sarah tried to convince Mondale to desist from these actions, but he didn’t. Instead, he threatened to instigate his “village people” to come after her if she didn’t bring ransom money of at least $100,000 GY. In panic, and frightened for her life, Sarah grabbed whatever money she had and went to the bank to get some more. She arrived at the proposed location in Norton Street in a Sheriff Security Vehicle. By the time Sarah arrived, a police vehicle and a police officer were already there.

As you can see from the video below, Sarah, flustered and panic stricken, instructed the Sherriff Security Guard to pay Mondale $100,000 (GYD) without asking any questions.

According to Sarah, this money was handed over to Mondale by the Sheriff Security Professional in front of 3 eye witnesses. After collecting the money, Mondale still convinced the police officer to remove Sarah from the vehicle, which he did.

At that point, Mondale took out his phone and started filming Sarah. He started to interrogate and hurl accusations at the young woman – saying that she was out to kill people. The young woman offered to explain herself and pleaded with him to stop videoing, but Mondale kept the camera rolling.

The police officer whom Mondale had arranged to come to the scene arrested Sarah without an arrest warrant, insisted that she entered the police van and drove off. All the while, Mondale was videoing and mocking the young doctor.

Sarah related that, at the station, a businessman who had adopted her as part of his family arrived to her rescue, and, in a desperate effort to pacify the situation, he handed over “several coils of money,” amounting perhaps to hundreds of thousands of dollars, to Mondale. Not too long after, officials from the Texila University where Sarah studied arrived to help “bail out” Sarah although there was no case against her and there were no grounds on which to arrest her.

The young woman said that, for the next few days, she started getting hate mails from all angles. It seemed like everyone was against her. She was plunged into depression and subsequently suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but she said that she found strength in God. She said that, through prayer, she summoned the strength to come on Facebook to explain her side of the story.

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