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Video Evidence: A Horror Story of Cyber-bulling, Blackmail and Extortion

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A Photo of Sarah Taken in her Homeland of Dubai

Sarah, the budding medical professional who recently graduated from Texila Medical University in Guyana, South America, and whose story has captured international attention, has reached out to this publication to offer some videos substantiating her story of the ordeal she suffered at the hands of a well-known Guyanese media personality.

Sarah related that the cyber-bullying aspect of the whole ordeal has taken a greater toll on her than the blackmail and extortion, and she says that this drives her to become an advocate for protection against cyber bullying in Guyana.

Sarah explained that a Women’s Right Activist from New York who knew Mondale had called him and asked him to take down the inflammatory video defaming Sarah’s character.

In the video above, Mondale is saying that he would not do that, and instead threatens to publish photos of Sarah and the businessman who had come to her rescue at the police station.

Sarah said she was confused as to why, after the businessman had given Mondale “several coils of money” amounting perhaps to hundreds of thousands of dollars, Mondale was still taking photos of her and the businessman in the police station compound.

Sarah explained that, in the video above, Mondale is revealing his true motive for taking the pictures: to publish them under a misleading caption in order to cause scandal and defamation to her character and that of the businessman. Sarah says that the businessman has adopted her as part of her family in Guyana.

In the video above, Mondale says, with a sinister look on his face, “I’m gonna put you up baby girl…you’re gonna disappear.” In the video, Mondale is heard saying that he will post “ALLLLL” of Sarah’s photos. It was at this point that, fearing for her life and that of her brother, Sarah scrambled to get Mondale’s number and call him.

As you can see from the video above, when Sarah reached the Norton Street location on the instructions of Mondale, she, panic stricken and fearing for her and her brother’s life, instructed the Sheriff Security Guard to pay Mondale $100,000 GY and whatever he had on his possession as “ransom money.”

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