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Guyana Gets US$475,000 United States Grant to Fight COVID-19

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As part of a regional funding package by the United States to the Caribbean Region, Guyana will benefit from a US$475,000 grant which will go towards Guyana’s priority areas of laboratory diagnostics and systems strengthening and supplies, surveillance, infection prevention & control, and emergency operation centers.

The United States has so far been the world leader in funding aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and says through the US Ambassador to Guyana that it is committed to remaining the leader through financing health and humanitarian assistance.

The grant is a part of a US$3,000,000 package provided to the Caribbean Region and will be administered through the Regional Caribbean Office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC will coordinate with Guyana’s Ministry of Health to disburse the funds and implement the activities.

Read Full Statement from the US Embassy.

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