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Dr. Sugrim Thanks Guyanese for Prayers – Recovering Slowly

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Dr. Ramesh Sugrim, the medical practitioner from Williamsburg Settlement, Guyana, South America, has today, through a Facebook Post, sent a message of gratitude to all those who had offered prayers for his recovery from the coronavirus which he contracted during a trip to New York about one month ago.

The message reads:

Namaste to all my patients, friends and family. I had a near death experience with coronavirus. I was on the ventilator for over a week and was giving up on me when my breath started to come back. I am out of special care but still in hospital. I feel like a living dead now. Please keep on praying for me so that I can recover. – Dr. Ramesh Sugrim.

A few weeks back, team Guyana South America posted a prayer request for Dr. Sugrim via our Facebook Page. The thousands of positive messages which flowed in were heartwarming and reflective of the true love and unity that exists among the six races of Guyana.

Source: Facebook Group: Prayers for Dr. Sugrim.

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Gail Lambert
Gail Lambert
1 year ago

Dr Sugrim you are one of Guyana’s best. Regardless of race or color you are a man of God. God has rewarded you justly.

1 year ago

Thanks be to God for your spared life. Prayers moves mountains
1 year ago

thank you Lord for Dr sugrim thank you Lord for your healing

Savitri Singh
Savitri Singh
1 year ago

Bhagwan Blessings Dr. Sugrim…
I wish you a speedy recovery.
Bhagwan is in controlled ..
You are a great human being
You are in my prayers.
Stay blessed as our love ones need you back home ASAP..❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏