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US Government Invests Additional US$1.7 Million into Guyana’s Health Sector

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The United States government announced yesterday, 27th of April, 2020, that it is investing an additional 1.7 million US dollars into Guyana’s health sector, particularly in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Guyana.

The United States Embassy in Guyana posted yesterday, 27th of April, on its Facebook Page:

“The United States Government is committed to assisting the people of Guyana to combat the spread of COVID-19 to prevent illness and deaths associated with the dreaded pandemic and ultimately improve the quality of life and the economic outcomes of this wonderful country and its people.” – Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch.

The money will go to support all areas in the fight against coronavirus in Guyana – from testing to treating infected patients to quarantine facilities.

Read Full Statement from US Embassy Guyana.

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