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Day One of National Recount Off to a Tumultuous Start

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The much anticipated national recount of all votes cast in the March 2020 elections in Guyana, South America has commenced today, 6th of May, 2020. The recount for all ten regions will be done at the Arthur Chung Convention Center in Georgetown, Guyana.

The owner of GiftLand Mall, which is located close to the Arthur Chung Convention Center, has announced that he will be providing free WIFI, washroom and other facilities for reporters who are covering the event. This came in light of the fact that little provisions were made by the government for reporters on the scene.

Needless to say, the proceedings were not without incident. At first, there were allegations by the APNU/AFC coalition that the PPP/C agents could not find their keys to unlock one of the ballot boxes. However, leader of the Liberty and Justice Party, Lenox Shuman, came on air to refute this claim. He explained that the locks were oxidized and as a result the keys would not open it. However, this was resolved and the box was opened.

Due to a number of incidents, the recount process was delayed until about 10:30 AM. Further, a PPP/C activist claimed that one of the sealed boxes had been flooded with water. This publication has not been able to verify how true this claim is.

In a more bizarre twist of events, the APNU/AFC coalition has announced that a “dead voter” was “discovered” in Region 2. The question now arises as to how the dead voter went unnoticed in the initial count of votes which elections officer Clairmont Mingo claimed gave the APNU/AFC a victory.

The incident further raises a lot of eyebrows as to what other bizarre discrepancies might have slipped past the watchful eyes of the Guyana Elections Commission.

The estimated timeframe for the recount is 25 days. So we can say 1 day down, 24 to go. Stay tuned for day 2 drama, coming up next.

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