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Dead Man Allegedly Voted in Guyana’s Elections

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They say all the world’s a stage, but Guyana is becoming more and more a circus show. In the most recent bizzare twist of events, it was reported by the incumbent APNU/AFC via their Facebook Page that a “dead voter” was “discovered” in Region 2 of Guyana, South America.

Which political party the dead voter voted for is unclear at this time. What is also unclear is how the dead man got out of the grave, bypass GECOM security features, all the party agents and observers and managed to cast a vote.

Apparently, since the March 2020 elections in Guyana, South America has been dubbed the “mother of all elections,” I guess even the dead want to cast their vote for the presidential candidate of their choice.

Interestingly however, no party agents, local or international observer has reported seeing any dead person entering or leaving the polling station.

This is the first report of a dead person voting in Guyana’s 2020 elections, however, there are rumors coming the from APNU/AFC camp that “many more” dead people may have voted in the March 2020 elections and are awaiting discovery.

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