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National Votes Recount: Day 9: PPP/C Leads With 45,440 Votes

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According to a screenshot posted by leader of the LJP, Lenox Shuman, at the close of tabulation today, 14th of May, 2020, at the Arthur Chung Convention Center in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, the PPP/C takes the lead with 45,440 votes, followed by the APNU/AFC with 24,508 votes.

Although one ballot box was somehow found drenched in water, and officials are unable to read it so far, the recount proved that the PPP/C won Region 1. This is because the drenched ballot box contained less than 100 votes, and the recount so far shows PPP/C ahead by more than 100 votes in Region 1. Nevertheless, efforts are being made to dry out the soaked ballots and read their contents – although it is not clear if that is still possible. One elections officer has suggested that the electors for that polling station of which the ballot box was drenched cast their votes anew. However, the way forward in resolving this hurdle is still being discussed.

At the end of today, a total of 53 more ballot boxes have been completed. There are talks going on between GECOM and party agents to add six more counting stations.

There were also reports that APNU/AFC agents have objected to a vote on the basis that the voter is a Jehovah’s Witness. However, Guyana, South America has not been able to verify whether this report was factual.

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