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National Votes Recount: Day 10 – Carter Center Blocked Again

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The recount of all votes cast in the March, 2020 elections advances to day 10 today, 15th of May 2020. At the end of today, 58 more ballot boxes were completed. There have been no updates from GECOM with regards to increasing the counting stations. Some reports suggest that they may be awaiting approval from the government to add the proposed six more work stations.

Today, the government of Guyana has, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, written to the United States Embassy in Guyana and expressed that the Guyana Government would not like to welcome the Carter Center and the International Republic Institute (IRI) to observe the recount process. See Letter…

The Carter Center had applied before the start of the recount but were denied entry by the Guyana Government. They made a second application which was today firmly opposed in a letter presented by Guyana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, in more favorable developments, it turns out that all votes in the drenched ballot box in Region 1 were visible. The recount for Region 1 was completed today and it shows that the PPP/C won Region 1 followed by the APNU/AFC, and the LJP came in third.

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