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Blocking Carter Center Seals the Doom of the Coalition Government

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The head of the OAS observer mission to Guyana, Mr. Bruce Golding, some days ago made a statement that the elections officer was “extraordinary and courageous” to attempt to rig the tabulation of Region 4 votes in the presence of such a sturdy paper trail. But in another extraordinary and courageous act, the APNU/AFC government has written to the Carter Center specifically denying them entry to observe the ongoing recount – for the second time.

This unfolding of events shows two things: the Carter Center’s commitment to supporting democracy in Guyana and the APNU/AFC’s determination to undermine it. But it also paints the picture of a criminal organization in the minds of a conglomerate of foreign powers who respect the opinion of and rely on evidence from the Carter Center in executing key diplomatic decisions.

There have been numerous accusations brought against the APNU/AFC during the electoral process with overwhelming evidence to back it up. Denying entry to international observers proves that they have something to hide. What this boils down to is that the APNU/AFC cannot go back into government post March 2020 under the banner of democracy. And with the commitment of the United States to protecting democracy in this hemisphere, it means that the APNU/AFC is not going back into government as a dictatorship either.

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Wayne Callender
Wayne Callender
1 year ago

With all due respect to the ABCU, OAS and other so-called first world countries, there are foriegn, local and the DIPLOMATIC community who’s personnel are currently actively and critically right now deeply involved and carefully scrutinizing the GECOM’S RECOUNT of the REGIONAL AND NATIONAL VOTES of Guyana’s elections. Is it that I as a layman being told to believe that these especially the foreign observers right now in Guyana observing the recount are not to be trusted when they would have made their observations known concluding that the recount was fair and credible, and that ONLY THE CARTER CENTER is… Read more »