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US Government Sends Independence Day Message to Guyana

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Photo by Dennis S. Hurd

Tomorrow, 26th of May, 2020, marks 54 years since Guyana, a former British Colony, was granted independence.

The event is celebrated throughout the country and is commemorated by lowering the Union Jack and hoisting the Golden Arrow Head at various locations across Guyana.

The United States’ Government, through its official website, has sent a short independence day message to the Guyanese people. However, inside of the message was embedded a subtle message for the Guyana Government. Part of it reads:

Your anniversary is especially meaningful this year, as Guyana stands on the brink of a new and more prosperous era. We urge the government to respect the wishes of the voters, as peacefully expressed in the March 2 election. Any recount should be conducted in a free, fair, transparent, and credible manner. Read full Message…

The United States of America was also a colony of Britain. However, unlike Guyana, the United States was not granted independence from the British but won it in the bloody Revolutionary War.

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