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Results of Recount Must Be Used to Install Democratic Government – OAS

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Photo by OAS/DHDE

While Mr. David Granger seems to be pushing for fresh elections and various APNU/AFC supporters are busy peddling the narrative that the electoral process leading up to the March 2, 2020 elections was flawed, the OAS has yesterday, 4th of June, 2020, sent a sober reminder to all parties that the results of the ongoing recount must be used to install a democratic government which the people of Guyana deserve.

The people of Guyana have been patient and they now deserve a peaceful transition of government based on the majority vote as reflected in the recount and in support of democracy and the rule of law, which all OAS member states expect to be upheld.

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Meanwhile, members of the APNU/AFC coalition have been pushing extreme and bizarre tales of alleged rigging by the PPP/C. On one occasion, Minister Volda Lawrence narrated that a ballot paper literally flew out of the hands of a presiding and flew across several regions of Guyana. In another, she said that a “list” had feet and walked out of a polling station to another region and entered into a ballot box. But it doesn’t stop there. Minister Amna Ally on live video claimed that dead persons “got out of the grave, voted and went back to rest.”

At first, the APNU/AFC had claimed victory and even celebrated victory in a process they initially said was free and fair. However, now braced with the reality of the recount which shows that the Returning Officer for Region 4, Mr. Clairmont Mingo, attempted to rig the elections in favor of the APNU/AFC, the APNU/AFC is claiming that the electoral process was flawed – rigged by the PPP/C – and cannot be used to install a government.

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