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Recount Complete: PPP/C Wins by 15,416 Votes

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Dr. Irfaan Ali is now the democratically elected President of Guyana in the March 2, 2020 elections.

Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Thirty four days after it first began, the recount of all votes cast in the national elections of Guyana, South America on March 2, 2020 has finally been concluded. The process was a tiring and time consuming one which tested the patience and resolve of the Guyanese people.

Both the Guyanese and international communities are happy that it is finally over and a democratic winner will soon be declared which will in turn put Guyana on the fast track to prosperity.

Around 11 A.M today, 8th of June, 2020, the final Statement of Recount of the national recount exercise was tabulated. District 4 will be certified at 3pm tomorrow. After that, it’s over to the Chief Elections Officer.

APNU/AFC total Votes: 217,920

PPP/C total votes: 233,336

Victory Margin for PPP/C: 15,416

Not So Fast.

But not so fast. While the 34 days’ recount clearly proves that the PPP/C has won and that the APNU/AFC had lied when they first declared victory on March 4, the APNU/AFC seems to have chosen a brand new narrative: that the electoral process was flawed and that there were dead and migrant voters, etc, etc.

Four-Stage Process

According to a video released by Mr. David Granger a few days ago, the recount results are only the first of a four-stage GECOM process.

Mr. David Granger emphasized that he would accept the declaration by GECOM but that it consisted of four stages:

  1. Results of Recount.
  2. Report prepared by the Chief Elections officer and CARICOM
  3. Examination and deliberation over the reports by the Guyana Elections Commission.
  4. A declaration/decision to be announced by GECOM chair, Claudette Singh.

While Guyanese and the world are eagerly anticipating the swearing in of the democratically elected president, Dr. Irfaan Ali, so that life can return to normal and the country can finally move forward, many APNU/AFC supporters are hoping that the GECOM chair would declare the elections null and void due to anomalies and irregularities. However, such a declaration would only push the Guyanese people further into frustration and the country further into poverty.

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