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APNU/AFC “Surprised” by the Statement of Ralph Gonsalves.

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Georgetown, Guyana, South America

The APNU/AFC has released a statement today, 11th of June, 2020 that they are “surprised” by the statements made by Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and incoming CARICOM chairman, Mr. Ralph Gonsalves.

The CARICOM personality in an interview with NBC Radio of St. Vincent and the Grenadines said in essence that the results of the recently concluded recount must be used to declare a winner of the March, 2, 2020 elections in Guyana, South America. On that note, Mr. Gonsalves added that CARICOM will not sit idly by while anyone steals an election – hinting that they are aware that the APNU/AFC is trying to steal the March 2, 2020 elections which they (the APNU/AFC) have lost.

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In the press statement released today, the APNU/AFC reiterated that the recount has to go through four process:

  1. The actual recount.
  2. A report to be prepared by the Chief Elections Officer.
  3. Examination of and deliberation over the recount by GECOM
  4. Declaration of the outcome of the recount by the GECOM Chairperson, Claudette Singh.

According to the narrative currently being pedaled by the APNU/AFC and their supporters, they are hoping for the GECOM chair to declare the elections null and void or declare an APNU/AFC victory on the basis of a fraudulent electoral process.

The press statement by APNU/AFC further accuses the St. Vincent Prime Minister of being “embroiled in an elections petition in his own country” and advised CARICOM leaders to refrain from utterances that could “undermine the legitimacy of the process and its credible conclusion.”

Click here to see Press Statement by APNU/AFC.

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