Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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    There is good and bad in every man and woman. No one is better than anyone. Why can’t you politicians be mature enough to stop throwing stones at each other? I could never say Granger is a bad person, he has good inside of him like any other human being. I could never say he never did anything for Guyana and the people. Yes he did.

    The 5 years are just too short. Granger is surrounded with evil men that’s holding on to him. Just like the PPP for 23 long years in Office and made a lot of mistakes. But I hope you learn from it and correct it. I just hope Irfaan Ali isn’t ruled and being controlled by others. Be a leader, you have a mind of your own. Use it. Don’t let others put evil things in your mind.

    Like I can see what’s going on with Granger right now. Ignore those evil thoughts. Fight your battle with prayers. God’s more powerful than those evil men who are being used by the devil. Stop bringing down each other. How will the people unite when you politicians are dividing them each day by throwing stones at each other??

    There is no good example from none of you towards your supporters and the people of Guyana. But I’m praying and fighting for the people and Guyana on my knees night and day, that Guyana will be set free.?

    — A Guyanese Citizen.

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