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Letter: Mindbend at Work

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Dear Editor,

             It came as no surprise to me a couple of nights ago when Granger, on Benschop Radio, blurted out that, “certain persons or parties or agents or elements tried to manipulate the outcome of the elections. And this is why we had to have our recount.”

Since the NCM, the narratives emanating from president’s mouth had a single agenda – to justify the Coalition’s quest to illegally hang on to power- that has not changed. “Truth!”- to the president, became technically inconvenient since the NCM. This is the reason for the president seldom appearing since the NCM – the president’s lies are intended to be digested, not to be questioned.

When the Coalition’s ship seems to be leaning dangerously, the president would emerge and take a putt shot at the public then disappear. Mindbend at work!

The public is bombarded by an endless stream of lies from the Coalition’s leaders and its intellectual supporters. It has become difficult for the common folks to filter the fake or fiction from what has been thrown at them since March 2nd.

I have some advice to help the folks out there to spot the fake. Anytime you are reading or listening to a commentary on the election, in which the name Mingo is not heard or seen, do not waste your time and confuse your brains – just move on to something else.

Any commentator who refuses to mention Mingo’s abomination is a spin doctor.

Yours respectfully

Rudolph Singh

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