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Coronavirus Hits Region 9

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Despite strong measures which were put in place by the REO, Carl Parker, and others to protect the Region, the dreaded coronavirus has once again hit the small, isolated town of Lethem in Region 9 in Guyana, South America.

Reports are that two students who were transported across the border from Bonfim to write the NGSE at Arapaima Primary in Lethem, as well as a youth who had traveled from Annai and went into quarantine in Lethem, have tested positive for COVID-19.

This development has obviously put the residents of Region 9 on high alert and perhaps in a state of panic.

About one month ago, a man who had crossed illegally from Bonfim, Brazil and gone to the Lethem Public Hospital had tested positive for the coronavirus. Contact tracing was done and as many people as possible who were found to have been in contact with the infected man were put in quarantine – including staff from the Lethem Hospital.

However, more than 14 days later, no one who had come in contact with that man tested positive for coronavirus. The residents of Region 9 had breathed a sigh of relief from then until this new development.

Team Guyana, South America advises all Guyanese to take special precaution against the coronavirus and we pray for the well being of all Guyanese against the

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