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Young Guyanese Girl Expresses Admiration for Hon. Mia Mottley

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First Published: 25th June, 2020

Last updated: June 25, 2020 at 20:30 pm

This is such a beautiful story…

Preteen aspiring author, Aurelia Saks, has written a beautiful open letter to Barbabos Prime Minister and CARICOM Chair, Hon. Mia Mottley. The letter, dated 25th of June, 2020, was posted on the young girl’s social media page. As a result, it was shared hundreds of times and eventually reached the eyes of Ms. Mottley who was kind enough to respond.

The letter reads:

25 June 2020.

Hon. Mia Mottley , QC., M.P

Prime Minister

Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs, and Investment

Government Headquarters

Bay St, St. Michael

Dear, Hon. Prime Minister,

My name is Aurelia and I’m am 12 years old from Guyana. I’m shy and very nervous when I’m required to speak to anyone. My mom has tried to help me with this by signing me up for coaching recently with a toastmaster expert and think it worked. Generally, I express myself through writing and drawing, I’m becoming a little more confident because my teachers are amazing.

The reason for my letter to you is because since my mom started looking at your speeches on YouTube, I have joined in and listened as well. I do not understand completely but I think eventually I will.

One of the moments I admired the most would be when you were the first Caribbean person to deliver The prestigious Raùl Prebisch Lecture and I quote my favorite lines “No one nation can defeat climate change, no one nation can defeat international terrorism and financial crime. It can only be defeated by a strong international order”.

My hope is to one day meet you. I may be shy but I wanted you to know that you are inspiring me and one day I hope to stand as confident and proud to speak on matters that can make a difference. I hope that just like you, I may one day be able to speak as eloquently, gracefully most importantly with as much impact and make significant contributions.

Yours Sincerely,
Aurelia from Guyana.

Do you read between the lines a future leader of Guyana?

Learn more about Aurelia Saks – the young aspiring Guyanese author, from her Facebook Page.

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Shri Ramdeo
Shri Ramdeo
1 year ago

Beautiful inspiration