Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    With the help of family and friends, Mr. Vantull has created a business that is now reaching countrywide.

    In today’s day and age, while, sadly, many people are looking for a free lunch, a handout or for the government to throw jobs on their laps, some people dare to create, innovate and inspire. One such example is Mr. Damion Vantull, who, by searching for a need to be filled, solved a problem and created a business that now employs nearly a dozen people. This is an inspirational story which I hope will touch the hearts of all Guyanese.

    Support Mr. Damion Vantull’s “A to B Delivery Service.”

    Like His Facebook Page: A to B Delivery Inc

    Contact him for delivery services: (+592) 658 0827 (WhatsApp)

    Follow Damion’s personal Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/damion.vantull.77

    Delivery Services Provided: Delivery of food, juices, fruits, vegetables, groceries etc countrywide.

    Additional Services by A to Delivery: Landscaping, painting and power washing.

    The Story

    Damion Vantull completed his studies in year 2018 at the University of Guyana. He related that after a relatively poor CSCE performance, he turned the game around and graduated with distinction from the University of Guyana, earning a Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. While studying, he also held a part time job at the University Library. However, after graduating, Mr. Vantull found it hard to land a job. He volunteered for some time at the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club as the Coordinator of the Annual Summer Camp for students entering Grade 7.

    Driven by a strong desire to help his community, Mr. Vantull garnered the resources and equipped himself with a team. And that’s when A to B Delivery was born. Damion related that he was supported by family and friends with the resources he needed to start the business.

    Aside from family members whom he says know themselves, he specifically would like to thank Trevor Benn, Shanni, Diana, Kimberly, Almetra, Alison, Omesh, Anthony, Julian, Cliff, Rajcoomar, Zahid, Jason, Cornel, Darwan, Anita, Bully, Imam Hazrat, David, Joey, Tina, Yusuf, Kenroy, Dave, Barker, Esan, Rudene, Ascena, Paul, Kittesh and his wife, Michael, Coach Floyd, Jairam, Reena, Hayma,Theola, Esu, Tiko, Keshan, Andy, Nelly, Adrian, Bandoo, Ifraan, Owie, Nobert, Dexter, Ian, Jayjay, Zolina, Yogi, Melroy, Kampta, Gregory, Bollers, Kushana, Ron, Florence and a few others whom he might have inadvertently forgotten to mention. I must say that I wish I had friends like Mr. Vantull 🙂 He says he also got “big time support” from the University of Guyana Staff.

    The business was launched on June 14, 2019 with a team of 14 persons. At first, A to B Delivery delivered creole dishes, fruit juice and coconut water in Georgetown, Guyana. The delivery guys moved on foot as they were not yet able to procure a more advanced mode of transportation. Overhead expenses were high as the business had to provide accommodation and food for the 14-member team.

    Unfortunately, the business hit a rough spot in October 2018 when Mr. Vantull said they were evicted suddenly from the house they were renting. He related that at that time, the business was performing well, but the sudden shock threw things off balance and as result his business ceased operation from October 2018 to February 2019. Mr. Vantull related that he couldn’t understand why they were evicted since he always paid the rent on time. As a result, some of the youths got frustrated and returned to their homes in Berbice, Region 6, Guyana, South America.

    Damion restarted operations in February, 2019, but this time with a 7 team members. In March, 2020, using IPED loan financing, Damion bought a bike to upgrade his business capacity.

    But in June, 2020, he was beaten by bandits and his bike stolen. He subsequently made the following Facebook Post.

    A gang kicked me off my motorcycle, slashed me in the face and stole my bike. Mom Dauphine Vantull I just want you to know that the promise I made not to be a murderer like my father still stands. I know it will be hard to let it go but i’ll somehow find a way. I’ll continue to focus on my honest hussle. Tomorrow i’ll use a bicycle to continue the work.
    A to B Delivery Inc.
    “Small steps…big impact.”

    Thankfully, the management and staff of Sheriff Security in Georgetown, Guyana saw the post and,moved by the touching story, decided to give this earnest young man a brand new bike. Damion received the bike from Sheriff Security today, 26th of June, 2020.

    Mr. Vantull related that A to B delivery enabled his niece and nephew to start their own businesses at a very young age.

    Damion and his niece Destiny.

    Starting as a small food and drink delivery service and now having grown to a countrywide operation with a wider variety of products, Mr. Damion Vantull has big dreams for his business – in providing a better and more efficient service as well as providing employment for Guyanese. We encourage you to support Damion’s venture either by using his services or providing some form of assistance to strengthen his operations.

    And remember:

    A to B Delivery Service: Small Steps, Big Impact

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