Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    Dr. Josh Kanhai

    27th of June, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

    This is such a beautiful piece of literature laced with a healthy dose of humor which pretty much sums up the occurrences from E-Day (March 2,) to June 21st – with all the “jiggery pokery” of the APNU/AFC coalition and their preposterous court cases. Have fun reading and learning from this one.

    What are your thoughts on the behaviour of stakeholders – the political parties, civil society, the local and international Election Observer Missions and diplomats representing international countries – during this process?

    March 2nd, 2020 was deemed E-day after waiting four hundred and thirty seven (437) days post a successful No Confidence motion against the APNU/AFC and after the most laughable court case in history, I need not mention such disgrace. Yes, the election happened and the APNU/AFC, GECOM’s chairwoman, and the International Observers -on record- claimed it to be “Free, Fair, and Credible” elections. We were all set and ready to verify and validate results and to have a declaration of the winner in a smooth fashion, however, something was amiss after the Region 4 Returning Officer took “ill”, was rushed to the Public Hospital and subsequently discharged after spending one hour or less. Then the massive instances of jiggery pokery started to happen with the APNU/AFC being the chief cheerleaders.

    The despicable cheerleading continued. The general and region elections (GRE) entered into long battles in court after one Mingo decided to add some fifteen thousand ghost votes from the burial ground campaigning to declare the cheerleaders winner of GRE 2020. In favor of Democracy, we (the opposition and new parties) were not going to accept such a frivolous, cheating, dishonest declaration. The International Observers, Local Observers (collectively as observers hereinafter) and Ambassadors were not accepting mediocrity and they sure weren’t accepting that inflated validation of Region 4, the epicenter of it all. At this point, the Ambassadors and observers had the right to speak out on what they had observed and this had triggered anger and hate among the coalition since they were not getting their way. They began to hurl threats to the Observers and even ambassadors and their supporters began to hurl distasteful remarks as well. It so ludicrously happened that they would have asked the USA to stay out of our country’s business, then run to the very bridge they curse with an erroneous dossier to a lobby firm.

    Now deep in the belly of the whale, the Patriots of the country was activated. The glorious spirit of being an activist for our democracy ensued as the coalition constantly lost court battles, the well experienced CARICOM team agreed to come and consequently the weak link and opposition leader came to an agreement to have a recount of all regions. The Guardian of Democracy was formed and night after night the guarding of containers took place, stories and experiences were shared and the civil society grew larger and larger, quiet but louder. We were sending a message in the most diplomatic of ways, setting an example for the future generations upcoming. We battled the weather day in, day out and then we had to battle within the COVID 19 protocols set up with a touch of incompetence.

    Days upon days, night upon night all keeping the fire burning, word finally came that the recount was actually going to start as a three member team from CARICOM was allowed to fly in. The Gazette order was completed and the recount was suppose to last for 25 days at the Arthur Chung Conference Center (ACCC). Sixty four (64) days from E-Day the recount started off to a slow start. All political parties, the three member CARICOM delegation were special guest being able to receive Statement of Recounts, a few international observers and local observers were all present. A key observer, however, were barred from entering the country to observe the elections and they were no other than the accredited Carter Center. The APNU/AFC national COVID 19 task force had never given a plausible reason as to why the Carter Center was not allowed entry. This raised eyebrows and made the situation no less tense but we pressed on placing absolute confidence in the observers present, especially the CARICOM team. The recount process went okay but now the indoctrinated agents were identifying voters and accusing then of being a migrant or worst, dead. Their behavior in the counting stations were at most times, unacceptable, nasty and as the CARICOM report proclaimed “Bizarre.” I remember on day one of the recount, I was in station 8 just next door to station 9 and I could have heard a grand commotion coming from station 9. It was unfortunate that the audio of that station went down at that exact moment but I’ll let that conspiracy theory slide since it was day one.

    As the days scurried along, a host of narratives were being plotted and it always seemed that the narrative of the APNU/AFC never matched that of the new parties or that of the opposition party. It became such a joke at one point when votes started to fly into boxes. How unfortunate. The media houses became slaughter houses mostly for the bulls of the infamous coalition. Famous questions like “where are your Statement of Polls (SOPs)?” and “where is your evidence?” were the final blows and sometimes the only knock out punch. How much more unfortunate. In addition, the best for last, the coalition signed onto one, region one’s, tabulated matrix but when it came to the other nine, the infamous question that would light up the tabulation room, “Has the certificate change?”. During all of these absurd occurrences coming from the cheerleaders’ camps, a major positive overcame it all and it involved the youths. The youths of this nation came out and ran the race in the most elegant and steadfast way possible. At about the last two weeks into the recount, I noticed that about eight percent of the counting agents and party reps were that of youths. These guys would stand their ground in the stations and make their objections to their objections. It was purely elating to witness and more so be apart of and to them I salute as the youths of the ACCC.

    Ninety seven days post E-Day, the recount finished some eight days off the scheduled time. We came and we conquered in unity, the way it should be. One more battle won since the original SoPs matched the SoRs and clearly showed that election fraud occurred the first time round. Onto this day, we have not seen the cheerleaders SoPs and the nation couldn’t care less since we all, at this point, just want to have a legitimate president and move on with our lives. However, that was stolen from us once more as the CEO took it upon his own to act ultra vires and the riggers, the cheerleaders of jiggery pokery snatching the rights and will of the people once more by filing a jokey application to the court, an application that even the Chairwoman of GECOM has filed against.

    Don’t worry Guyana, the actions of the APNU/AFC has shown their true ways and intentions. Are they really for the people? Do you think such a behavior reflects that of leaders or dictators? Both questions can be answered by a simple “NO!”. The last battle commences to win the war upon our rights. We will emerge successful as a nation as one people in one nation with one destiny. God bless.

    Dr. Josh Kanhai.

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