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Sheriff Security Grants New Bike to Young Entrepreneur

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27th of June, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

This indeed is a touching story. In a previous article, we explained more about Mr. Damion Vantull’s venture into starting A to B Delivery Service, the challenges he faced as well as the success he realized. You can read about that here: Young Entrepreneur Creates Innovative Delivery Service.

Unfortunately, around the 20th of June, Mr. Vantull, while carrying out his delivery services, was attacked by bandits who beat him and stole his bike. Damion subsequently made the following Facebook Post:

A gang kicked me off my motorcycle, slashed me in the face and stole my bike. Mom Dauphine Vantull I just want you to know that the promise I made not to be a murderer like my father still stands. I know it will be hard to let it go but i’ll somehow find a way. I’ll continue to focus on my honest hussle. Tomorrow i’ll use a bicycle to continue the work.
A to B Delivery Inc.
“Small steps…big impact.”

The next day, Damion got busy on a bicycle continuing his business. However, the post above caught the eyes of Sheriff Security Services Management and Staff who quickly moved into action. Trying to make contact with the young hustler, Sheriff Security posted the following:

Today, Mr. Damion Vantull is in possession of his new bike – a gift from Sheriff Security. He made the following Facebook Post:

Words cannot explain how thankful I am to Sheriff Security Services for this amazing motorcycle that they’ve given A to B Delivery Inc. When I first saw the offer I thought they were joking but then I did some research on the company and found that they’ve been leading the way in terms of giving back to persons in need. I was definitely in need after the robbery.

When the CEO of Sheriff Security Services (White shirt) spoke to me I could see the pores on his skin rising; then I knew that this was really from the heart and not done for publicity.

A big thank you to the Sheriff Security Services Team

“Small steps…big impact.”

Team Guyana, South America would like to extend special congratulations to the management and staff of Sheriff Security Services for this wonderful act. We further call on all Guyanese to look out for and uplift one another in similar ways so that Guyana may rise to new realms of glory. Remember, Guyana’s greatest resource is not its oil or its gold, but its people.

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