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APNU/AFC Now Berates the Woman It Once Honored

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APNU/AFC politicians and its supporters have uttered some harsh and sometimes insulting remarks towards and about CARICOM Chair and Barbados Prime Minister Hon. Mia Mottley. This was a result of the outstanding woman’s fairness in judging the electoral crisis unfolding in Guyana.

Ms. Mottley stated that, “CARICOM must embrace the truth.” She called out the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield for submitting a report with fictitious figures which disenfranchised over 115,000 voters. When questioned on international media what she has to say about the APNU/AFC’s criticism towards her, she replied, “the truth hurts.”

Look at the video below.

But did you know, that not so long ago, in February, 2020, just one month before Guyana’s National Elections, the David Granger Administration conferred the second highest National Award of Guyana, South America to Hon. Mia Mottley? Yes, and that is no other than the Order of Roraima. A timely gesture perhaps? A bribe behind the back? Now there is no reason to wonder why the David Granger Administration had placed so much faith in the CARICOM observer team to help them rig the elections during the recount process.

Thankfully, some people do not sell their integrity for money. But then again, how can one sell their integrity for an honor? And it makes you question the merits of any honor bestowed upon anyone by the APNU/AFC government – how bonafide is it really?

The Order of Roraima

The Order of Roraima was established in 1976 as a way to recognize and reward Guyanese whose contributions towards Guyana or in their personal life is so outstanding that it needs to be highlighted and remembered. Foreigners may also be granted the Order of Roraima as the government sees fit. In this case, the APNU/AFC government had seen it fit to bestow the award to Hon. Mia Mottley – Prime Minister of Barbados and CARICOM Chair.

In Conferring the Order of Roraima to Hon. Mia Mottley

“The conferral of Guyana’s order of Roraima on Barbados’ Prime Minister exemplifies the essential elements of the historical fraternal relations between our two Caribbean states. This investiture is richly symbolic for Guyana, for Barbados and the Caribbean. Our two states pioneered the founding of the Caribbean Free Trade Area CARIFTA in 1965, prior to independence. Our two states both gained their independence from Britain the following year in 1966,” … Uniquely established a joint high commission in London soon after independence. Prime Ministers Forbes Burnham and Errol Barrow were among the four founding fathers who signed the treaty establishing the Caribbean Community in Chaguaramas in Trinidad and Tobago in 1973.”

David granger. february 3rd,2020
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23 days ago

Apnu will berate anybody that dont support their cynical agenda