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USA Based Guyanese Group Rallies for “Guyana, USA”

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Claiming frustration by the results of post-independence Guyana, a group of USA based Guyanese are rallying for a “Guyana, USA.” They have already created a “” petition to this effect but have so far garnered less than 1000 signatures.

The website, “” claims that the United States’ constitution allows for the acquisition of additional states or territories while allowing these acquired territories to self govern under the protection and constitution of the United States.

The group decries the polarizing tendencies of Guyanese politics which is largely perceived as “race based politics.” Indeed, politics in Guyana has, historically, caused racial disharmony, civil disturbances, violence and bloodshed resulting in deaths. The most recent elections in Guyana was no exception, already having claimed at least one life.

However, many Guyanese view the idea of Guyana as a US territory with much distaste, harboring the view that Guyanese should rule Guyana, or that such a deal might lead to exploitation of Guyanese and Guyana’s resources. On the other hand, more Guyanese reside abroad than in Guyana, with over 500,000 Guyanese residing in the United States alone.

So what do you think of the idea of Guyana as a United States territory? Tell us in the comments section below.

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11 months ago

I’m heart broken 😢 I love the old Guyana colours. I fear my country Guyana is going to be taken over by the United States just like the rest of countries. I will not forgive the new president of Guyana 💔