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13 Staff of Lethem Regional Hospital Tested for COVID, Self Quarantined

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3rd of July, 2020. Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America.

Despite strong measures by Regional Authorities to curb the spread of the coronavirus into Region 9, the deadly and contagious virus has finally managed to seep its way into the border Region. As a result, residents of Region 9 are in a state of heightened alert – expressing concerns especially for their children and elderly.

The first four cases of coronavirus in Region 9 were imported from neighboring Brazil. However, the fifth patient is a resident of Culvert City, and it is unclear at this time how she contracted the virus.

On the 25th of June, 2020, a resident of Culvert City, Lethem, Region 9 was admitted to the Lethem Regional Hospital with symptoms of weakness, anemia and chest pains. She spent two nights at the ward while being attended to by staff of the Lethem Regional Hospital. An initial COVID test came back negative, however, the patient subsequently displayed symptoms of high fever and shortness of breath.

On the 27th of June, the patient was referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where was admitted to the ICU in critical condition. A COVID-19 test was repeated and this time came back positive. She was admitted into the COVID-19 ICU where she remains in critical condition.

A total of 8 nurses and 5 doctors who had contact with the patient while in Lethem were sent on self-quarantine on Wednesday, 1st of July – as soon as news was relayed that the patient had tested positive for coronavirus in Georgetown, Guyana. COVID-19 tests were conducted on all thirteen staff today, 3rd of July, and the results are being awaited while they remain in self-quarantine.

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