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    5th of July, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

    We stated in a previous article that the family of Donna Greaves has reasons to believe that the young woman contracted COVID-19 while in Georgetown as opposed to Region 9. Donna Ambrose Greaves is the latest COVID-19 fatality in Guyana who passed away on the evening of Saturday, July 4th, 2020. On the 27th of June, she was air dashed to the city after her condition worsened at the Lethem Regional Hospital. She had tested negative for COVID-19 while at the Lethem Regional Hospital but she subsequently tested positive at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

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    The husband of Donna Greaves subsequently released a video on Facebook in which he stated that Donna did not have coronavirus in Lethem and very likely contracted it in Georgetown. Subsequent to that, Inews Guyana published a news story entitled: “Lethem school teacher dies after allegedly contracting COVID-19 at hospital.”

    Newsroom also published a news story entitled: “Lethem teacher flown to GPHC to treat illness contracts COVID-19 and dies.”

    Being aware of the news in circulation, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation released the following statement from their Facebook Page today:

    Statement from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on the passing of Donna Ambrose Greaves.

    The Board of Directors, Administration and staff of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) wish to express sincerest condolences to Mr. Franklin Greaves, the husband of the late Donna Ambrose Greaves, her relatives and friends.

    The GPHC notes and wishes to refute claims that Donna Greaves contracted COVID-19 while being a patient at our institution. While our commitment to medical confidentiality restricts us from sharing details of Ms. Greaves’ clinical records, we maintain that these claims are furthest from the facts, and wish to state in a definitive manner that Donna Greaves did not contract COVID-19 at the GPHC.

    We strongly condemn the proclivity to cast blame on our hard working and dedicated doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who continue to risk their lives daily to care for patients in the wake of a deadly pandemic. This practice of demoralizing healthcare professionals must cease. The Corporation continues to practice strict protocols and quality control measures to eliminate transmission and maintain a safe space for our staff, patients and visitors.

    The GPHC wishes to implore all Guyanese that COVID-19 is real and changing the national trajectory of the pandemic lies heavily in our ability to strictly adhere to the precautionary guidelines. We also invite the media to confirm facts with the Corporation prior to publishing inflammatory and panic inducing articles.

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