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Young Woman with Worsening Medical Condition Appeals for Help

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Analisa Latchman is a 24 years old female patient who was born with a cranial deformity that has now become very symptomatic. Her condition is called frontal bone dysplasia and had started to show defects since she was 10 years old.

However, as she grew, the defect became more pronounced and more symptomatic. 
Her symptoms include: constant headaches, a visible defect of her left eye known as enophthalmos where her left orbit is slowly receding into her skull causing increased pressure to her brain in that left side, frontal bone thinning and bulky extra ocular muscles on the left side. Recently she has started to have loss of consciousness.

She has had consultations with the ophthalmologist and the maxillofacial surgeons as well as Dr. Dukhi–the neurosurgeon in Guyana.  His major concern is as the disease progresses it will cause her entire left side of the face to recede inward along with the left eye and continue to squeeze on her brain even further. This can then lead to a stroke and seizures that cannot be controlled. 

As a result of this, Analisa requires a surgery to be done by 3 specialties in order to reconstruct the left side of her face and have a microfilm placed that will stop the progression of the left side of her face inward. This surgery requires the neurosurgeon and the ophthalmologist as well as the maxillofacial surgeon, and it is very technical. It is also tremendously expensive. 

We are kindly asking for your support to save this young lady’s life. She is a mom and the only child for her parents. Please assist in whatever way you can. You can contact her mom on # (592) 651-3914 .For those who are far an want to make a deposit you can at G.B.T.I  ACC#005382545011.Thank you very much. 

A Go Fund Me Campaign has also been set up to help Analisa. You can help by making a donation of any amount and also by sharing the campaign below.

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