Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    A beautiful photo of President David Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger in younger days.

    There is no doubt by now that the removal of the APNU/AFC government is inevitable. Of all the blunders the APNU/AFC/PNC has made in Guyana’s history, attempting to rig the 2020 elections and attempting to create a dictatorship is one of the worst, and will tarnish the name of this political party in history books of Guyana. We do not believe that Mr. Granger is solely responsible for this, but that he is being manipulated by rogue elements within the APNU/AFC camp.

    It is clear to see that Mr. David Granger is surrounded by desperate men and women who do not care about Guyana, but who desperately want to Guyana’s resources. They boast of oil, but the fact is that the oil money that is expected to come in is pittance compared to what Guyana will lose if a dictatorship government is forced.

    Mr. Granger, by God’s grace, has lived to a ripe old age, but there are many young lives suffering and many innocent lives at stake because of his irresponsible actions. As former CARICOM chair, Ms. Mia Mottley, has expressed it, “no electoral process is worth the life of any citizen.” Yet, by refusing to concede defeat after losing the elections, Mr. Granger has cost the live of a 20 year old youth. How many more must die before you do the honorable thing?

    There is no doubt that supporters of the PPP/C and other emerging political parties will not stand by and allow a dictatorship to form in Guyana. Neither will the international community. The tense situation that is precipitated by the APNU/AFC’s stubbornness can easily erupt into violence. Just one bullet fired, one life loss…could pump adrenaline levels and erupt into full scale fighting.

    This is not what Guyana deserves at this time. Guyana simply cannot afford this. Guyanese have come a long way in history and have fought hard against racism, ethnic divisions and hatred. However, the actions of the APNU/AFC continue to foment strife, ethnic division and hatred among Guyanese.

    Remember that the OAS is a military alliance and also a peace keeping force, and it is one of the forces that is protecting Guyana from the Venezuela threat. It includes Guyana’s strongest allies such as the USA, Brazil and Canada. If the APNU/AFC remains in government through bullying, it will be excluded from the Organization of American States which already recognizes the PPP/C as the winner of the March, 2, 2020. That will leave Guyana without a defense of the Essequibo in addition to punishing international sanctions.

    We strongly urge all APNU/AFC politicians and supporters to open your eyes to reality, and we call on Mr. Granger to honorably step down and concede defeat to avoid being forcefully removed – which will be inevitable if the David Granger Administration continues in the direction it is going.

    Although the leadership was not perfect, we’d like to say that we have acknowledged the positive achievements of the David Granger administration, such as cleaning up the city and improving communications and infrastructure, and we commend the great works of First Lady Sandra Granger – it did not go unnoticed. However, the people have spoken on March 2, 2020 and the people’s voice must be heard. Muffling the voice of the common people is akin to stripping them of their human rights. It is a dangerous path to threat.

    The decision you make at this juncture, Mr. President, will determine how you are remembered in Guyana’s history: as a true patriot who put the future of Guyana above political gains or as an evil dictator who plunged the country down the path of chaos.

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