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11 Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Region 9

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14th of July, 2020. Region 9, Guyana, South America

The total number of coronavirus cases recorded in Region 9 has jumped to 11 today, 14th of July, 2020 as 5 tests from the South Central District returns positive. So far, 2 persons have recovered leaving a total of 11 active cases.

The Lethem Hospital Covid Team will go into the South Central District and bring those positive cases to Lethem and carry out further investigations.

Meanwhile, residents of Lethem are worried that sightings of Brazilian vehicles perusing the streets of Lethem and stores in Lethem have become a bit too frequent. The residents are worried that, in addition to backtrack activities, these “underhanded” border crossings can put the lives of residents of Region 9 at risk. In this regard, residents are questioning how some vehicles from Brazil are allowed to enter Lethem from time to time even though the border is supposed to be sealed. Some have speculated that authorities at the border are accepting bribes to allow certain vehicles through. We’ll write more on this later.

The Covid Task Force in Lethem, in alignment with the Regional Authorities, is working hard to protect Region 9 — in addition to reaching out to those in need of humanitarian aid.

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